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Why Upgrade?

End-of-life for your implementation
Transform your business with new or enhanced Functionality
Utilize the new and enhanced features to bring innovation to customers
Replace custom code with out-of-the-box functionality
Integrate easily with key systems
Run on fully supported version
Cloud Compatible with latest upgrade
Get all Security and Critical Bug fixes applied

When & How?

  • Upgrade the platform as often as possible
  • Repeat the process relatively often to reduce the cost
  • eCommerce upgrades should match your own release cycle
  • If you plan to make a big “leap” and update the platform, consider carrying it out in smaller steps
  • Try not to use the latest and usually wait 2 or 3 months for migration to release the new main version

What to Consider?

  • Upgrade team with rich expertise
  • Do a Proof Of Concept if needed before upgrading your main landscape
  • Test environment in similar state as production to be made available for upgrade team to perform upgrade steps and verify results
  • Synchronize the changes with the main source code

eCommerce Upgrade Options

  • Technical Upgrade – Like to Like upgrade, ensure current code runs on latest platform
  • Functional or Feature Upgrade – Code migration with new functions / features on latest platform
  • Cloud Upgrade – Upgrade from on-Premise to private / hosted cloud along with either technical or functional upgrade
  • Start Over Upgrade – Take a fresh start and re-launch using previous customization experience on top of latest platform