SAP hybris Marketplace Technical Migration Best Practices

SAP hybris Marketplace Technical Migration Best Practices

May 19, 2018 Marketplace TechDenali Posts 3

Same codebase can maintain B2C, B2B and marketplace sites on SAP hybris. Either a new marketplace can be made, or existing site can be migrated to marketplace.

  • To migrate or not :-  New marketplace with reuse of B2C/ B2B codebase is one option, or migrating  existing SAP b2b/b2c hybris site to marketplace is another.  For example, in a SAP hyrbis b2b site, allowing b2b dealer or stores to add services and related products, is a good case for migration of existing site to marketplace. This will allow sub-sites to dealers/ stores and help business grow exponentially in a controlled way.


  • Focus Areas : – Commissions, payments directly to dealer/ store wallet, on boarding, feeds, emails, dealers/ stores specific catalogs, content, categories, promotions, selling recommendations and services, multiple sku’s, KPI’s, location tracking, and quotations are important parameters in setting up SAP hybris marketplace


  • Unknowns: –  Steps to migrate existing SAP hybris site into a marketplace are not shared by SAP hybris. Teams can get bogged down with marketplace setup, migration challenges from b2c/b2b to marketplace, conflicts with custom code, marketplace data migration, OM customization and offline mode.


TechDenali SAP hybris marketplace migration specialist teams can help consult and deliver SAP hybris marketplace to your business in an effective way


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