MultiSite Vs Marketplace

MultiSite Vs Marketplace

April 19, 2018 Marketplace TechDenali Posts 0

Getting the best of the both is now possible in an effective way. No need to choose… 

  • Challenge of multisite’s :- Most of the organizations have multiple brands, each of them having a good B2C or B2B ecommerce site today. Each brand faces the challenges of technical upkeep of site, cost of bringing buyers to their site, an efficient customer support and fast delivery mechanism. On a third party marketplace, brand loose their customer experience and control.


  • Your own marketplace : – Organizations can help the brands consolidate multiple sites into their own single marketplace. This enables business to get best of both the worlds and bring efficiency in the business model. With new sites opening up all the time, brands will be able to have a bigger offering with their own marketplace. Partner sites, dealers and stores can further add their own customer experience, related products and services in a controlled way. Trusts from multiple brands will help organizations consolidate their marketplace with higher offering than a conventional marketplace and help with a bigger customer base and larger number of different products.


  • Reuse best practices : – TechDenali team, an expert in marketplace solutions on SAP hybris, can help your brands reuse their existing best practices and components in an effective way by migrating them to SAP hybris


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