Hybris commerce marketplace

Hybris commerce marketplace

March 3, 2018 Marketplace 0

This article shares important highlights of SAP hybris commerce marketplace. SAP hybris commerce has a world class marketplace. It consisting of Vendor portal, marketplace back Office and multiple storefront UI changes.

3 top things which make SAP hybris commerce marketplace unique are: –

  1. Vendor has an content API  to change content information like banners, landing page content, etc. This ensures that Vendor has a proper sub-site on the Vendor landing page, which is based on feeds.
  2. Vendor portal consist of multiple roles for Vendor to control its PIM, OM & administration teams.
  3. Although multiple marketplace specific UI components are provided on the storefront, the Marketplace Homepage is amazing. It allows Vendors to dynamically change their respective space on the homepage, without involving marketplace authors.
Vendor Landing Page in SAP hybris commerce marketplace

Vendor Landing Page in SAP hybris commerce marketplace

SAP has so far not released some important functionality in its marketplace. Top 3 such things are :-

  1. Marketplace need to configure commissions at category and vendor level, in terms of percentage or fixed amount. This is not yet OOTB in SAP commerce
  2. On-boarding process from multiple Vendors can be quite complicated at multiple levels. Category mapping or feeds administration is not part of SAP commerce
  3. Functionality related to localized offers, stores, products is not explicitly given and needs to be customized.

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